These are the various ways you can contact me and/or keep track of my comings and goings.

Email: selanp at planetxeeni dot com
Facebook: Selanp
Square Storefront: selan-pike
Twitter: SelanPike
DeviantART: SelanPike
Art Tumblr: Selan Does Stuff (art tag, writing tag)
Personal Tumblr: Selan Says Things
Skype: SelanPike
AIM: SelanP


These are ongoing things that I'm working on. Maybe you'd like to take a look.

Minecraft Blog: Porkchops and Pickaxes
Evil FTW (complete): Tumblr link
Evil FTW: Applied Villainy (in progress): Tumblr link
MSPA fanventure (complete): Midnight Sleuth
MSPA fanventure (complete): Dead Shuffle
MSPA fanventure (complete): Apocryphal Antithesis
Pesterchum archive: It's kind of small.